Last day in Vancouver....

So this week I managed to get back to the lovely women’s support group at MOSAIC to say goodbye - I had such a wonderful time with the women and I will definitely keep in touch with them so that we can share ideas, which is exactly what this fellowship is all about.

I also had the privilege of attending a support group for refugee claimants - the session was fantastic and full of helpful information about how to understand the effects of trauma on the body and some simple ways to help ease moments of intense stress. I will also be staying in touch with VAST Director, Frank Cohn, so that we can keep the conversation going about mental health support for newcomers. I’m so delighted to be forging international links that will help us in Highland!

Finally, I’ve now finished packing my things and preparing for the next phase of my travels which will be one (very busy) week in Oslo and then on to Bergen!

Cheers everyone x

Clare Daly